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The purchase of Steam Gift Cards is limited for each region and cannot be activated in other regions, so be careful not to buy a gift card from another country.

Note: Steam users of America, Argentina, Turkey and Russia, only the cards of the countries of America, Argentina, Turkey and Russia will be charged on the account with US dollars, ARS, lira and rubles. The purchase of miscellaneous and global cards cannot be recharged in the desired regions. Be careful before buying.

Note: The gift card cannot be returned or exchanged.

After your payment, the code (Key) will be delivered to you.

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Almost all attractive titles are added to the Steam store every day, and a large part of the profits and sales of games are made through this service. The Steam user interface will allow gamers around the world to access all the games in the easiest possible way, just by increasing the balance of their Steam Wallet (Steam Gift Card) or by purchasing the games directly, they can buy the titles they want on Steam. and enjoying playing them right after.

Steam Gift Card

The Steam Cloud has also made it easier for players to store information and progress in games, and therefore, Steam has become a unique store for video games. Introduction and purchase of Steam wallet (Steam gift cards) As mentioned, using Steam Wallet or Steam Gift Card to increase your Steam account balance and buy games will be one of the simple and hassle-free methods. In fact, today, all the world’s famous services allow their users to charge their wallets and make their purchases in less than a few minutes by providing gift cards to provide their own services and ease the work of customers.

Therefore, Steam Gift Card is the wallet of your user account in Steam, and by purchasing a Steam gift card, you will be able to use your balance to do all things, such as buying games and in-app Steam payments, and even buying from the market.


Introduction: If you’re a gamer, you know the importance of having access to the latest and greatest games. But with so many games available, it can be hard to keep up with the cost. That’s where Steam Gift Cards come in. These cards allow you to add funds to your Steam Wallet, which you can then use to purchase games, DLC, and other items on Steam. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Steam Gift Cards, from how to buy them to how to use them.

What is a Steam Gift Card? A Steam Gift Card is a physical or digital card that you can buy and redeem for funds in your Steam Wallet. The funds can then be used to purchase games, DLC, and other items on Steam. Steam Gift Cards are available in various denominations, ranging from $5 to $100.

How to Buy a Steam Gift Card Online: You can buy a Steam Gift Card online through various retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. Simply search for “Steam Gift Card” on the retailer’s website, select the denomination you want, and add it to your cart. You’ll then need to complete the checkout process and provide your payment information.

Another way to purchase a Steam Gift Card online is through the Steam website itself. To do this, go to the Steam store and select “Gift Cards” from the menu. You can then choose the denomination you want and add it to your cart. You’ll need to sign in to your Steam account to complete the purchase.

Steam Wallet Codes for Sale: In addition to Steam Gift Cards, you can also purchase Steam Wallet codes. These codes are similar to gift cards but are delivered electronically. You can buy them online from various retailers or directly from the Steam website. To redeem a Steam Wallet code, simply enter the code into your Steam account.

Valve Steam Wallet Card: Valve is the company behind Steam, so it makes sense that they would offer their own Steam Wallet Card. The Valve Steam Wallet Card is available in various denominations, including $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100. You can buy it online through the Steam website or through various retailers.

Steam Support: If you’re having trouble with your Steam Gift Card or Steam Wallet, you can contact Steam Support for assistance. They can help you with issues such as redeeming your card, adding funds to your wallet, or making a purchase. You can contact Steam Support through the Steam website or through the Steam mobile app.

Steam Deck: The Steam Deck is a portable gaming device that runs on SteamOS. It allows you to play your favorite Steam games on the go. The Steam Deck has a built-in controller, touch screen, and keyboard. It also has a USB-C port for charging and connecting to other devices. You can use your Steam Gift Card or Steam Wallet funds to purchase games for your Steam Deck.

How to check the balance of my Steam Wallet account?

Viewing your Steam Wallet account balance is very simple.

  1. First, enter the Steam site and log in with your account.
  2. Click on your username that you see at the top of the site.
  3. Select “Account Details” to move to the next page.
  4. The value of your “Wallet Balance” is actually the balance of the Steam Wallet account.
  5. The above steps can also be done through the Steam client (Windows and mobile version).

Is there a fee for using Steam Wallet?

No, there is no fee when buying or using a Steam gift card code, and the amount of currency mentioned will be fully added to your account. For example, by purchasing Steam Wallet for 5 euros, after receiving the code and redeeming it, you will add exactly 5 euros to your Steam wallet.

Is it possible to transfer the balance of Steam wallet to another Steam account?

No, by purchasing a Steam Wallet, you will not have any restrictions on using it on different accounts, but the Steam Gift Card can only be used once and for one account. Therefore, your Steam wallet balance will only be specific to your user account and it will not be possible to transfer it to another Steam account directly.

I spent my steam wallet balance by mistake, is it possible to get it back?

Yes, although Steam’s rules can be troublesome in this case, you can resolve many issues and errors in your purchases by submitting a request to Steam support. For example, if you bought a wrong game or you simply regret buying that game, it is enough to get your balance back by filing a request.

Is it possible to receive and send gifts with wallet balance?

Yes! You will not be able to transfer your account balance to other people’s accounts, but you can buy a product directly for your friends.

Is Steam only available for PC?

No, the Mac (macOS) and Linux (Linux) versions of Steam were released in 2010 and 2012, respectively. The mobile version of Steam, which allows you to access Steam services online, was made available in 2012 for both Android and iOS platforms.

Where to download Steam?

Download the Windows Steam version
Download the mobile version of Steam
List of best selling games on Steam
Using the gift code of the Steam card and increasing the balance

Why should we use Steam Wallet?

As you know, the best way to recharge Steam account for users is to buy and use Steam Wallet (Steam gift card). Of course, the use of Steam wallet is common all over the world, because in this method, instead of using credit cards and adding different payment methods, which are mostly troublesome and time-consuming, players can use the purchased Steam gift card with just a few clicks. and increase their own steam wallet balance. Therefore, in addition to the high speed of operation, users will feel more secure about their personal information.

On the other hand, buying a Steam Wallet can be more economical. For example, you, dear customers, can use our store’s limited discounts that are also applied to products such as Steam Wallet and have a unique shopping experience. On the other hand, the variety of the amount of Steam Volt available for each region makes you buy according to the amount you need, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of gift cards and Steam Volt.

Another reason for the popularity of the Steam gift card is the ability to gift it to friends or family members. Imagine that the birthday of one of your gamer friends is near, the best gift for a birthday can be a Steam gift card. This product is received as a code, so you can get a Steam Wallet as a gift for your friends, and without a doubt, gamers will enjoy buying new and exciting games the most!

Availability has also been another factor in the popularity of Steam Wallet. You can get a Steam gift card anytime and anywhere and use it to make your own purchases (Steam games, expansion packs and in-app payments).

If you are a gamer, you can safely buy the new games you want using this product. In-app payments which can include gems, credits, coins, money and in-game coins (popular games like Apex Legends) can also be purchased mostly with your Steam account balance. This product does not have an expiration date or additional fees, and the purchased amount will be added exactly to your account.

Steam Wallet was introduced for the first time in 2012 together with Steam Market, so don’t forget that in addition to games, you can buy items in the market (buying skins for Counter Strike and Dota 2 games, etc.) and even packs for games (such as DLC, etc.). you will have

Steam Wallet

Steam gift card features

  • Unlimited access: direct access to thousands of games, purchase games with Steam Gift, save on the cloud, automatically receive game updates
  • Unlimited purchases: Create and purchase game-specific add-ons from the Steam workshop (using a gift card)
  • Communication facilities: the possibility of joining the STEAM virtual network with a Steam gift card to communicate with other gamers, chat and talk with other gamers during the game
  • Compatibility: use all features on any device and platform PC – Mobile – TV – Linux
  • Automatic download of game updates
  • Chat with other gamers
  • Can be used on all platforms

Steam Wallet

How to Use

How can i use Steam Gift Cards?

  1. Open the Steam website.
  2. Log in to your Steam account.
  3. Click on the "Games" menu and select "Redeem a Steam Wallet Code."
  4. Enter the claim code received from item4gamer gift card and click "Apply Your Balance".
  5. The balance of the gift card will be added to your Steam Wallet.

Once the balance is added to your Steam Wallet, you can use it to purchase games, DLC, and other items on the Steam Store. The funds will be automatically applied to your next purchase and will remain in your Steam Wallet until they are spent.



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