Appota provides a comprehensive set of features to enhance your digital experience and empower your business:

  1. Gamota – Game Publication Hub
  2. Adsota – Digital Marketing Agency
  3. AppotaPay – Payment Solutions Provider
  4. Kdata – Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

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What is APPOTA?

Appota Corporation leads the way in Vietnam’s dynamic digital entertainment sector, playing a pivotal role as both a trailblazer and an enabler. With a diverse range of ventures, Appota takes the lead in digital content creation and distribution, eSports, advertising, nurturing emerging gaming talents, streamlining online transactions, leveraging the potential of cloud computing and IoT, and developing effective business management strategies. Catering to a broad spectrum of clients, from individuals to game and app developers, advertising partners, and e-commerce collaborators, the Appota Group proudly oversees four distinct subsidiaries: Gamota, a central hub for game publication; Adsota, an innovative digital marketing agency; AppotaPay, a specialized provider of cutting-edge payment solutions and fintech advancements; and Kdata, a pioneer in cloud infrastructure solutions.

Products and Services APPOTA

Products and Offerings Digital Content and Online Entertainment


Among the leading game publishers in the Vietnamese market, Gamota stands out as a prominent player. Their portfolio includes engaging titles such as Tru Tien 3D, Vainglory, Survival Heroes Vietnam, Tieu Ngao Giang Ho Mobile, Ai My Nhan, and Tien Nghich.


Adsota specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions for mobile marketing. Notably, in 2017, Adsota secured an exclusive partnership with AppotaX, a mobile ads optimization platform on Google Ad Exchange. [Citation needed]

In a significant move on January 18, 2018, Adsota, a trailblazer in mobile advertising services in Vietnam, joined forces with TNK Factory, an advertising services provider under Kakao Group Korea. This strategic investment initiative was announced with the aim of capitalizing on the burgeoning mobile advertising market in Southeast Asia.


AppotaPay offers a range of services in the realm of payment intermediation, encompassing electronic wallets, payment gateways, and collection services. Notably, AppotaPay holds the distinction of being the 39th payment intermediary services entity to receive the official approval of the State Bank of Vietnam.

Appota Culture

Appota has established an environment conducive to professionalism, characterized by its dynamic, contemporary, and youth-oriented nature, deeply rooted in Vietnam yet drawing inspiration from the global arena. Within our inclusive setting, team members are empowered to fully unleash their skills, innovative thinking, and fervor for gaming.[20] At Appota, the conventional hierarchical relationships between supervisors and staff are replaced with a culture that champions the philosophy of “No Bosses, only Leaders.” This ethos nurtures a collaborative and leadership-driven ethos throughout the organization.


Applications developed by Appota Corp available on Google Play for Android devices.

NK Factory Pours Seven-Figure Investment into Appota’s Adsota

The dynamic realm of mobile advertising stands as an undisputed cornerstone for global enterprises, a realm where innovation and reach collide. Yet, envision the backdrop of Vietnam, a nation hungry for effective mobile advertising avenues, faced with a challenge that seemed insurmountable. Enter the stage, Appota – a trailblazing force that swiftly rose to dominance, redefining Vietnam’s mobile landscape. This powerhouse not only offers a gateway to game publishing and advertising solutions but also boasts a fortress of robust payment systems.

In a jaw-dropping sprint, Appota galvanized an astounding user community exceeding the 30 million mark. Their influence radiates globally through a vast nexus of 15,000 developers, advertisers, and merchants, a true testament to their magnetic appeal. As the Asian market yearned for innovation, Appota emerged as a lighthouse guiding businesses through uncharted waters. But this is not a tale of plateaued triumph; it’s a narrative of perpetual ascent.

A crescendo in their journey arrived in the form of an audacious alliance – a multimillion-dollar partnership inked with TNK Factory, an illustrious South Korean advertising titan. This strategic communion not only augmented Appota’s arsenal of offerings but also solidified a bridge between nations, where mutual growth dances hand in hand.

Appota’s Impact on Vietnam

Appota, conceived by the innovative mind of Do Tuan Anh, an entrepreneur hailing from Vietnam, emerged from the crucible of Topica Founder Institute, an accolade we’ve previously highlighted in our blogs.

Anh’s brainchild swiftly evolved into a dominant force within Vietnam’s business landscape. This success story began over seven years ago, and within a mere seven months of inception, the company earned our prestigious Most Disruptive Award.

In short order, the enterprise expanded its portfolio to encompass gaming services and an array of mobile products spanning diverse industries. Collaborating with industry titan Google, Appota cemented its status as a partner for deploying Google’s Mobile Ad Exchange platform across Asia.

The Significance of Partnering with TNK Factory

Hailing from South Korea, TNK Factory recognized the strategic advantage of aligning with Appota through a substantial investment. As a fellow mobile advertising powerhouse, the synergy was evident. Given Vietnam’s ascent as one of the globe’s fastest-growing economies, this partnership became a compelling proposition.

The pact centers on Appota’s subsidiary, Adota, an extension of the Appota brand. Adota focuses on delivering online advertising services within Vietnam, catering to app developers seeking to promote their mobile applications.

This alliance empowers Appota/Adota with access to TNK Factory’s advanced advertising technology, augmenting their mobile advertising reach and facilitating entry into the East Asian market. This strategic move propels Appota beyond its established dominance in Vietnam, propelling it to the next echelon.

Appota’s Ongoing Investment Odyssey

South Korea has assumed a fortuitous role in Appota’s journey, evident in its successful series C funding round. In the previous year, Appota secured an undisclosed sum from two esteemed South Korean investment funds—Korea Investment Partners and Mirae Asset Venture Investment—boosting its funding tally to a substantial $10 million. This resounding endorsement underscores the trust vested in Appota’s mobile services.

The capital infusion propelled Appota’s expansion, even within its Hanoi base. Impressively, the company is poised to capture nearly 20% of Vietnam’s mobile market, signaling an accelerated path of growth.

Charting Appota’s Future Trajectory

Despite a modest workforce of 100, Appota harbors ambitious aspirations to introduce a suite of products on a global scale. A testament to this vision is the infusion of funds from Japanese and Singaporean investors, further solidifying its growth trajectory.

Amid the contemporary landscape where mobile technology reigns supreme, Appota is well-poised to expand its horizons, potentially venturing into larger markets, including the United States. Presently, the enterprise operates three pivotal mobile media arms: Adsota, as previously mentioned, Gamota for mobile game publishing, and Appota Pay, an assurance-laden mobile payment system. Our pride in the Topica Founder Institute swells with each success story it begets. Yet, Anh’s Appota is the crown jewel among them—a testament to how a startup can indeed reshape the world.

How to Use

Using Appota is easy and beneficial for various digital needs. Follow these steps to make the most of its offerings:

1. Exploration: Visit the Appota Corporation website to explore its diverse services, such as content creation, eSports, digital marketing, and payment solutions.

2. Selection: Choose the specific service or subsidiary that aligns with your requirements. Whether it's Gamota for game publication, Adsota for digital marketing, AppotaPay for innovative payment solutions, or Kdata for cloud infrastructure, select the right option.

3.Engagement: Connect with Appota's services by following their guidelines. If you're a game developer, engage with Gamota for publishing. For marketing needs, collaborate with Adsota. Opt for AppotaPay to streamline payments, or leverage Kdata's cloud solutions.

4. Innovation: Embrace Appota's innovation and expertise to enhance your digital ventures. Benefit from their industry-leading solutions and strategies.

5. Results: Experience the positive outcomes of your engagement with Appota. Enjoy improved content distribution, successful marketing campaigns, efficient payment processes, or optimized cloud infrastructure.

6. Collaboration: For ongoing success, maintain a collaborative relationship with Appota. Stay updated on their latest advancements and adapt your strategies accordingly.

7. Feedback: Provide feedback to Appota to help them tailor their services to your evolving needs. Your insights contribute to their continuous improvement.

Incorporate Appota's offerings into your digital journey and witness enhanced efficiency, creativity, and success.


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