Game Credits

  • Riot Points

    Riot Points

    By purchasing a Riot Points gift card, you will receive a code (Key) that can be activated in League of Legends, Valorant, TeamFightTactics, Legends of Runeterra games.

    The region of the Riot Games account must be the same as the region of the gift card, otherwise your account will not be charged.

  • Valorant Points

    Valorant Points

    Valorant Points are the virtual currency used in the popular first-person shooter game, Valorant. With these points, you can purchase various in-game items such as weapon skins, characters, and other cosmetics. By buying Valorant Points, you will receive a code (Keys) that can be redeemed in the game’s store. It’s important to note that the code can only be activated in the region where your account was created. So, before purchasing a gift card, make sure to check your account’s region or create a new account if needed. With Valorant Points, you can enhance your gaming experience and stand out from other players with unique and exclusive in-game items.

  • Minecraft


    By purchasing Minecraft Minecoins and Minecraft Java Edition, a code (Key) will be delivered to you, which you must enter during the payment process with Mint to complete your payment.

    The code can be activated for all regions and is one of the best payment methods.

  • free fire

    Free Fire

    Get ahead in the Free Fire game with the help of Free Fire Diamonds purchased from Item4Gamer. Simply choose the amount you need, complete the checkout process, and receive a unique code. Redeem the code on the official Free Fire redemption center website and the Diamonds will be added to your account, For Indonesia region, enter your ID in the form.

  • wild rift

    League of Legends Wild Rift

    Customers can top up their Wild Rift account by entering their account information, such as their Riot ID. Once the information is verified, the desired amount of in-game currency is added to their account. This is a quick and convenient way to enhance your Wild Rift gaming experience.

  • pubg uc

    PUBG Mobile

    PUBG Mobile UC is the in-game virtual currency used in PUBG Mobile. These UCs can be used to purchase various in-game items, such as skins, outfits, and weapons. By purchasing PUBG Mobile UC from Item4Gamer, players can quickly and easily add UCs to their account via their Game ID, without having to grind for them in-game.

  • life after


    LifeAfter Credit is a form of in-game currency in the popular mobile game, LifeAfter. With LifeAfter Credit, players can purchase various items, resources, and gear to enhance their gameplay experience. These credits can be earned in-game through completing quests or can be purchased using real money. Players can also conveniently purchase LifeAfter Credits from Item4Gamer by providing their LifeAfter account Information on the product page, and completing the checkout process.

  • Honkai: Star Rail Oneiric Shard

    Honkai: Star Rail

    Honkai: Star Rail Oneiric Shard is a digital product that allows players to purchase in-game currency for Honkai: Star Rail, a popular action role-playing video game. With this product, players can easily top up their accounts and obtain the necessary currency to purchase various items and resources within the game. Honkai: Star Rail Oneiric Shard is available for all regions and platforms, including mobile, PC, and PlayStation. To use this product, players must provide their UID as well as account server information for Honkai: Star Rail.

  • League of Legends

    League of Legends

    Region: Malaysia

    Customers can Top up their League of Legends account by entering their account information, such as their Riot ID. Once the information is verified, the desired amount of in-game currency is added to their account. This is a quick and convenient way to enhance your League of Legends gaming experience.

  • Pubg New State


    PUBG NEW STATE Mobile is the latest installment in the popular PUBG franchise, designed specifically for mobile devices. In order to access the game, customers must provide their unique Game ID, which they can find within the game or by logging into their PUBG account. Once entered, customers can enjoy the thrilling gameplay and stunning graphics that the PUBG franchise is known for, all on their mobile device.

  • Fashion Dream Diamonds

    Fashion Dream

    Fashion Dream is a popular fashion and dress-up game that can be played on mobile devices. Customers enter their unique Player ID, which they can find within the game or by logging into their Fashion Dream account. Once entered, customers can enjoy a wide range of fashion challenges and creative opportunities, including designing their own clothes, styling models, and competing with other players. Fashion Dream is a great option for fashion enthusiasts and creative thinkers who want to explore their passion for fashion and design.

  • Alchemy Stars Crystals

    Alchemy Stars

    Alchemy Stars is a popular mobile game that combines puzzle-solving with strategic gameplay. Players embark on a journey to save the world of Astra by solving puzzles and battling enemies using a team of powerful characters with unique skills and abilities. Alchemy Stars is free to play and can be downloaded on various app stores. Once downloaded, players can create an account or log in using their existing social media accounts to begin their adventure. For purchasing Crystal, you need to provide your unique Player ID and fill out the requested information.

  • goddess of victory Gems

    Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

    Goddess of Victory is a popular mobile strategy game that features epic battles and mythical creatures. Customers enter their unique Player ID, which they can find within the game or by logging into their Goddess of Victory account. Once entered, players can build their own army and lead them to victory, using strategy and skill to defeat opponents and conquer territory. Goddess of Victory is a great option for gamers who enjoy strategy games and want to explore a world of mythical creatures and epic battles.

  • lord mobile

    Lords Mobile

    One of the features that have made Lords Mobile so popular is its in-game currency, known as Lords Mobile Gems. Lords Mobile is a popular mobile game where players can purchase in-game items and currency. With our Top-up service, customers can easily enter their Information to receive their desired amount of game currency (Lords Mobile Gem).

Gaming Credits, Game Top up, Game Cards & Game Time

Game Credits is a general term that can refer to a type of virtual currency used in various video games. The specific definition of Game Credits can vary depending on the game, but they are often used as a way for players to purchase in-game items, such as weapons, equipment, or cosmetic items. They can also be used to upgrade or unlock new features within the game.

Game Currency can be earned through normal gameplay or purchased with real money. The value of Game Points varies from game to game, and the exchange rate between real money and Virtual Currency can also vary. The use of Game Tokens is a common feature in many free-to-play or mobile games, as it allows developers to monetize their games and provide players with a way to access premium content or speed up their progress in the game.

Game currency refers to virtual currency used within an online game. This type of currency is often used to purchase items, such as weapons, armor, costumes, and vehicles, or to access premium content or features. The value of game currency is typically tied to the in-game economy and can fluctuate based on supply and demand.

Game currency can be earned through gameplay, such as by completing quests or defeating enemies, or it can be purchased using real money. Some games allow players to exchange game currency with other players, and some even have in-game markets where players can buy and sell items using game currency.

There are different forms of game currency, such as coins, gems, gold, and others, and the specifics of how the currency works can vary from game to game. It’s important for players to familiarize themselves with the in-game currency system before making purchases or exchanging currency with other players.

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