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Nintendo EShop Cards are the perfect gift for any gamer, giving them the freedom to choose from a vast selection of games, add-ons, and more. Our store offers Nintendo EShop Cards in various amounts and for different countries. Once purchased, you will receive a code (Key) that can be redeemed on the Nintendo EShop. It’s important to note that the region of the gift card must match the region of your account. So whether you’re looking for a gift or want to treat yourself, Nintendo EShop Cards are the ultimate solution for Nintendo Switch gaming enthusiasts.

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Nintendo eShop cards are a form of prepaid currency that can be used to purchase games, DLC, and other content on the Nintendo eShop, which is the online marketplace for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U platforms. These cards can be purchased at various retailers, including gaming stores, electronics stores, and online marketplaces.

The Nintendo eShop is a digital storefront that allows users to purchase and download games, DLC, and other content for their Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U consoles. This includes both first-party titles developed by Nintendo, as well as third-party titles developed by other companies. Some examples of popular games that can be purchased on the Nintendo eShop include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Minecraft.

Nintendo EShop Cards

Nintendo eShop cards come in various denominations, including $10, $20, $35, and $50. Once a card is purchased, the user can redeem the code on the card by entering it into the Nintendo eShop on their console. The funds will then be added to the user’s account, and can be used to purchase any content available on the Nintendo eShop.

One of the benefits of using a Nintendo eShop card is that it allows users to add funds to their account without having to link a credit or debit card. This can be especially useful for parents who want to give their children access to the Nintendo eShop without giving them access to their own credit or debit card. It can also be useful for people who are concerned about security and privacy when making online purchases.

Another benefit of using a Nintendo eShop card is that it allows users to purchase content on the Nintendo eShop without having to worry about conversion rates or international transaction fees. This is because the funds on the card are already in the currency of the region in which the card was purchased.

The Nintendo eShop also offers a wide range of games and DLC that are exclusive to the platform. Some of the games available on the platform are not available on other platforms, like Steam or Xbox.

Additionally, the Nintendo eShop also offers a variety of discounts and sales on different games and DLC. These sales are usually time-limited and change frequently, so users should check the eShop regularly to see what deals are available.

Overall, Nintendo eShop cards are a convenient and secure way to purchase content on the Nintendo eShop. They allow users to add funds to their account without having to link a credit or debit card, and can be used to purchase a wide range of games and DLC. They also offer the ability to purchase games that are exclusive to the platform, as well as discounts and sales on different games and DLC.

Nintendo EShop Cards

Nintendo EShop Gift Cards

The Nintendo eShop is an online digital marketplace for the Nintendo Switch gaming console, as well as for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoles. The eShop allows users to purchase and download digital versions of games and other software, as well as browse and purchase additional content such as DLC, game demos, and videos.

To access the eShop, users must have an active internet connection and a Nintendo Network ID, which can be created for free. Once logged in, users can browse through the available games and other content, which are organized by category and genre, and filter the results by popularity, release date, price, and more.

Games on the eShop can be purchased using a credit card or Nintendo eShop gift cards, which can be purchased from various retailers. Some games may also offer a free demo version that can be downloaded and played for a limited time.

In addition to games, the eShop also offers various other content, such as digital versions of popular magazines, digital books, and various applications that can be used on the Nintendo Switch console.

It’s worth noting that the availability of content on the eShop may vary depending on the region, and prices may vary as well.

Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming console that offers a wide range of games for players of all ages and interests. Some of the most popular Nintendo Switch games include:

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  2. Super Mario Odyssey
  3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  6. Splatoon 2
  7. Pokémon Sword and Shield
  8. Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  10. Octopath Traveler

These games are just a few examples of the many great titles available on the Nintendo Switch. In addition to these top-selling games, the Switch also has a vast library of indie games, classic arcade games, and other popular titles from Nintendo and third-party publishers.

Many of the games available on the Switch can be purchased as physical game cartridges or as digital downloads from the Nintendo eShop. Some games also offer additional content, such as expansion packs or downloadable content (DLC), which can be purchased separately.

Nintendo EShop Cards


How to check Nintendo eShop Card balance?

you can check your Nintendo eShop card balance online by visiting the Nintendo website and logging in to your account. From there, you can select the “Account Activity” option to view your balance and transaction history. If you have any issues with redeeming your card or checking your balance, you can contact Nintendo support for assistance.


Nintendo is a prominent player in the video game industry, known for its iconic games and consoles that have captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. Founded in Japan in 1889 as a playing card company, Nintendo has evolved into a global entertainment company that creates a wide range of products, including gaming consoles, games, toys, and mobile applications.

Over the years, Nintendo has created some of the most beloved video game franchises, including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. Its consoles, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Game Boy, and the Nintendo Switch, have sold millions of units worldwide and continue to be a staple in the gaming industry.

History of Nintendo

Nintendo was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi, as a playing card company called Nintendo Koppai. The company began producing and selling handmade playing cards, known as hanafuda, which quickly became popular in Japan. Nintendo continued to produce playing cards for several decades, eventually moving into the toy industry with products such as the Ultra Hand, a toy that could extend and grip objects.

In the 1970s, Nintendo entered the video game industry, producing arcade games such as Donkey Kong and releasing its first home console, the Color TV-Game series. The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), released in 1985, marked a significant turning point for the company, introducing popular franchises such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo continued to innovate with its handheld consoles, starting with the Game Boy in 1989, which was a massive success and set the standard for portable gaming. The company has since released several handheld consoles, including the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo’s most recent console, the Nintendo Switch, was released in 2017 and has quickly become one of the company’s most successful products, selling over 84 million units worldwide as of 2021. The console’s unique hybrid design allows it to be played both as a home console and a portable device, giving players the flexibility to play their favorite games wherever they go.

Nintendo’s Impact on Gaming

Nintendo has had a significant impact on the video game industry, introducing new technology and franchises that have become staples of gaming culture. The company has a reputation for creating games that are accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, which has contributed to its widespread popularity.

Some of Nintendo’s most popular franchises include Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon, which have become household names and spawned countless spin-offs and merchandise. These franchises have been instrumental in shaping the gaming industry and have inspired generations of gamers.

Nintendo’s consoles have also had a significant impact on the industry, with the NES and the Game Boy paving the way for modern consoles and handheld devices. The company’s commitment to innovation and creativity has resulted in consoles that are unique and unlike anything else on the market, such as the Nintendo Wii, which introduced motion controls to gaming, and the Nintendo Switch, which allows players to seamlessly switch between playing at home and on the go.

Nintendo has also made strides in the mobile gaming industry, with the release of mobile applications such as Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. These apps have allowed Nintendo to reach a broader audience and expand its brand beyond traditional gaming consoles.

Nintendo’s Future

Nintendo’s future looks bright, with the company continuing to innovate and release new products and games that capture the hearts of players worldwide. The recent release of the Nintendo Switch OLED model and the upcoming release of several highly anticipated games, such as the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, demonstrate Nintendo’s commitment to creating new and exciting experiences for players.

Nintendo’s Involvement in Esports

Nintendo’s involvement in esports has been somewhat limited compared to other companies such as Blizzard and Riot Games. However, the company has made significant strides in recent years to establish itself as a player in the esports industry.

One of Nintendo’s most prominent esports initiatives is the Nintendo Switch Online Open, which is a series of online tournaments that allow players to compete against each other in popular games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2. The tournaments are open to players around the world and offer cash prizes to the winners.

Nintendo has also sponsored and hosted various esports events and tournaments, such as the Nintendo World Championships and the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Circuit. These events bring together the best players from around the world to compete in intense matches and showcase their skills.

Nintendo’s Approach to Esports

Nintendo’s approach to esports has been somewhat unique compared to other companies in the industry. The company has always focused on creating games that are accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, and this philosophy has carried over to its approach to esports.

One of Nintendo’s goals with the Nintendo Switch Online Open and other esports initiatives is to create a competitive environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all players. The company has made efforts to ensure that the tournaments are fair and that players have access to the same equipment and tools, regardless of their skill level.

Nintendo has also taken steps to prevent toxicity and negative behavior in its esports events. The company has strict rules and guidelines in place to ensure that players are respectful and sportsmanlike during matches. This approach has helped to create a positive and supportive environment for players, which is in line with Nintendo’s overall philosophy.

Nintendo EShop Cards

The Future of Nintendo Esports

Nintendo’s investment in esports is still relatively new, and it remains to be seen how the company will continue to develop and expand its esports initiatives in the future. However, the company has already demonstrated a commitment to creating a positive and inclusive environment for esports players, and this is likely to continue going forward.


How to Use

How can i use Nintendo EShop Cards?

  1. Launch the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch, Wii U, or 3DS.
  2. Select the "Nintendo eShop" icon from the Home menu.
  3. Scroll left and select "Add Funds."
  4. Select "Redeem a Nintendo eShop Card."
  5. Enter the 16-digit code received from item4gamer gift card and click "OK."

The balance of the gift card will be added to your Nintendo account and can be used to purchase games, DLC, and other content from the Nintendo eShop. The funds will remain in your Nintendo account until they are spent.

Nintendo EShop Cards How to use


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