EPISODE 6 ACT 2 Valorant

What’s up in Valorant Episode 6 Act II?

Introducing Gekko, the latest Initiator Agent in Valorant. With his crew of four, Gekko is ready to provide support by clearing corners, scouting areas, and even planting and defusing the Spike. But that’s not all. Oni has made a comeback with a new melee, and you can find out more about it by playing the game.

Joining Gekko are Dizzy, Wingman, Thrash, Mosh, and the leader of the crew – Gekko himself, who is a native of Los Angeles. Dizzy’s plasma blasts can help you take down enemies, while Wingman can scout out areas and shower the opposing team with obstructive plasma. Use Mosh to explode and duplicate across large areas, and let Thrash pounce on enemies with a plasmatic burst. Work together with your team, cause chaos, and rally together to do it again.

Oni’s return also brings with it a path of revenge and corruption, featuring a Vandal, Bulldog, Ares, Frenzy, and the new Onimaru Kunitsuna (Katana melee). You can cater to your inner demon by getting your hands on these items.


The Episode 6 Act II Battlepass is now available, featuring the Tilde Shorty, Setting Records Player Card, Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all Spray, and Cat-Eye Gun Buddy. Purchase the Act II Premium Battlepass to earn even more items, such as the Topotek Phantom, Omen Cat Dance Spray, Boot Camp // Stealth Module Player Card, and Extra Crispy Gun Buddy.


Finally, the ranks have been reset, giving you a chance to prove yourself among your peers once again. Get ready to climb the ladder in the new Ranked Act for Episode 6.


Get ready for Episode 6 Act II with exciting new updates in Valorant! Experience the game like never before with the introduction of the latest Initiator Agent, Gekko, and the return of the popular Oni skinline. Plus, there’s a rank reset and a fresh Battlepass for you to enjoy.

Learn about Gekko’s abilities on the official Agents page and watch the launch trailer to see him and his friends in action as they take on Los Angeles. In terms of performance updates, thread synchronization has been updated to reduce input latency, improving input latency by approximately 1 frame for players who meet certain criteria.

Several bugs have been fixed, including one related to Sage’s Barrier Orb that caused it to fortify to full health instead of going to max health minus the damage that was dealt during fortification. Additionally, a bug where abilities like Sova Drone that are pushed by Lotus doors into other players could continue to push players even after the door stops or the players exited the door’s area has been fixed.

Experience the thrill of the game with these exciting updates and bug fixes. Get ready to dominate the battlefield in Valorant!

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