Builder Base 2 Attacking, Defending and Builders

Clash of Clans Builder Base 2: Attacking, Defending and Builders

Balancing Attacking and Defending in Builder Base 2.0 In Builder Base 2.0 Clash of Clans, we’re moving away from the simultaneous attacking system in Versus Battles and introducing multiplayer attacks similar to those in the Home Village. When attacking, you’ll be matched against a rival in a similar trophy range, and there’s no nexting, so you’ll have to figure out a strategy on the fly to beat their base to avoid losing trophies.

For every star earned in your attack, you’ll earn some Builder Gold, and for every attack you do, you’ll receive a defense. Defenses can happen even when you’re online, and for every star your opponent doesn’t manage to win from your base, you’ll receive Builder Elixir. We believe this mechanic will encourage players to care about both attacking and defending, without the randomness of Versus Battles.

Leagues are also being added, and the higher your League, the more each offense and defense star will reward you. There’ll also be a Star Bonus which gives you a per-League amount of both Builder Gold and Builder Elixir. The number of stars required to get the Star Bonus depends on the League, with higher Leagues requiring a higher number of stars per day.

Balancing Builders in Builder Base 2.0 To make spending resources easier, we’re unlocking O.T.T.O as a permanent second builder for the Builder Base at Builder Hall 6. We’re also updating the quests at Builder Hall 9 to unlock a permanent 6th builder for the Home Village, in the form of a robot builder.

The current system of choosing between two builders in the Builder Base or six in the Home Village makes it difficult to balance the upgrade experience in both villages. We believe this system where the builders are permanently assigned will make things simpler and better. The quests to unlock the 6th builder will change slightly to be more general and flexible, and any work you’ve done on the current quests will still carry over.

We hope this post has answered your questions on how the attack system, rewards, and building will change with Builder Base 2.0. Stay tuned for more updates on the changes we’re making to improve the game!

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